God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us the ministry of reconciliation.  So we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us.  We beseech you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.” ~2 Cor 5:14-20


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My name is Sister Francis Marie.  I am a Catholic Sister residing in the Diocese of Oakland, California, and I am Director of Adopt-a-Priest.  As this is the “Year of Mercy”, I would like to share with you a true story of mercy and of grace; it is the story of my religious journey ~

2007:  This was a year of remarkable grace~  After having spent over two decades in a traditionalist schismatic community, I was brought back to full communion in the Church along with fourteen other religious women of the same community. This grace came about as the result of the unified prayers of priests, religious, and laity in a Stewardship of Prayer Campaign led by priests of the Diocese of Spokane, Washington for the return of their separated brethren at Mount St. Michael’s. I was profoundly moved by this encounter with the merciful Christ ~ exercising his Royal Office in the person of his priests and in the charity of his members. Those whom I formerly rejected received me in the utmost charity. Though wounded by schism, these priests brought us back into the life and family of the Church and the Body of Christ. My life since has been radically transformed by gratitude: gratitude for God’s love and mercy; gratitude for those who offered selfless prayers; and gratitude especially for the priests who, like the Good Shepherd, brought me back into the unity of the Church.

2008:  There were many graces and also many trials that first year.  After our group divided in the summer of 2008, I found an unexpected home with the Sisters of the Holy Names in Spokane who took me in during my year of studies at Gonzaga University.  The Sisters and I realized the potential awkwardness this arrangement could pose on both sides, yet we all agreed to give it a healthy try! The leap from my ultra-conservative background into such a progressive environment provided for me a new encounter with the merciful Christ, whom I felt was inviting me from the Cross to stand with him “in the middle” and to embrace this as a unique opportunity for unity.  To this day I enjoy a fond relationship with the Sisters of the Holy Names whom I keep close in prayer alongside the Sisters of my former schismatic community.  I am consecrated for communion!

2009–Present:  It was in Berkeley, California that I next took up residence in order to pursue Master’s studies. I completed my degree in 2013, and it is here in the Diocese of Oakland that I am in the process of beginning a new community: the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Priests, to offer consecrated life at the service of communion and in support of priests.

Having been brought back to full communion through the generous prayer and sacrifice offered on my behalf by priests and people, I feel called to give as I have received–to help in the mission of the Church by strengthening the communion of its members. This is what gave birth to “Adopt-a-Priest,” the apostolate I was privileged to launch during the “Year for Priests”; one that the new community will help to maintain ~ a ministry for the support of priests with the participation of clergy, religious and laity.

~Looking back:

I was at one time a member of this sedevacantist group:

Sisters of the Holy Names in Spokane, 2008:


News articles published in 2007 that recount our “journey home”:

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy may our unified prayers and sacrifices assist priests in their efforts towards the reconciliation and reunification of all who are separated from full communion with Christ and with his Church.


The charism of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Priests was born from the gift of God’s mercy.  In gratitude for this great gift, we place our lives at the service of communion, consecrating ourselves entirely to God through vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.  Christ calls us to live these vows in order that we may help his priests, especially pastors, fulfill their royal, prophetic, and priestly office. In so doing, our lives take on missionary form within the Church, bearing fruit for the Church, for the world, and for each of us, his consecrated brides.

“We are consecrated to help Jesus the Eternal Priest, Prophet, and King by helping His priests, especially pastors, fulfill their priestly, prophetic, and royal offices, and by helping others support their priests through prayer and sacrifice.”

Our works flow from lives consecrated entirely and lovingly to God’s service and nourished regularly in prayer. Fidelity to this consecration brings with it the joy of living in full communion with the Trinity to the greatest extent possible in this life–as daughter, mother, sister and spouse, in union with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Helping Christ

God is calling women to consecrate their lives in the New Evangelization by helping in Christ’s mission, particularly in parishes.  The Daughters of Mary, Mother of Priests consecrate our lives to this task.  We offer our prayers and services for unity in the parish setting. It is in this way that we most effectively help priests, especially pastors.

We help Christ exercise his Royal office through our works to foster unity through reconciliation.  We do this by praying and sacrificing for communion among people and even among priests themselves including those outside full communion of the Church, especially schismatic and chartered priests, and by doing penance and reparation for sins against unity.

We help Christ exercise his Prophetic office by helping to form lay Apostles.  We do this by teaching catechesis, by promoting stewardship in parishes, and by fostering vocations.

We help Christ exercise his Priestly office by helping priests offer a more perfect sacrifice of their lives through the prayer and sacrifice of our own lives offered on their behalf. With Mary we stand at the foot of the Cross, joining our prayers and sacrifices with hers, all the while interceding for priests who offer themselves daily with Christ.

In the Church

Helping each person take his or her place in the mission of the Church is one of the noble fruits of this consecration. This promotes a beautiful form of stewardship in bringing the gifts of the people to the service of the Church.

“Come and Pray!”

Do you feel called to:

  • Consecrated life?
  • Pray and sacrifice for priests and vocations?
  • Do something special for the Year of Mercy?

The Daughters of Mary, Mother of Priests invite you to join in Prayer and Discernment.

Is God calling you to share in our life and works?

  • Contact us at: vocations@motherofpriests.org


In the company of Mary and of St. John at the foot of the Cross, and in spousal union with Christ, we become effective instruments of his gratuitous love and mercy in the world by placing our lives at the service of communion. Through our apostolate, Adopt-a-Priest, we invite the laity to participate in the support of priests through a pledge of prayer, sacrifice, and spiritual adoption.” ~The Daughters of Mary, Mother of Priests