Request Prayer

“Since it is impossible to be true mendicants before Christ, marvelously concealed in the Eucharistic Mystery, without being able in practice to ask for the effective help and prayers of those whom he sets beside us, let us not be afraid to entrust ourselves to the motherhoods that the Spirit will certainly bring into being for us.” (Letter on the Occasion of the World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests, Cardinal Claudio Hummus, 2009)

The Daughters of Mary, Mother of Priests are pleased to accept prayer requests from member-priests on our secure site. These entries will not appear on the website. Rather, priest’s requests will be added to the private intentions of the community, who, in Spiritual Motherhood, will uphold them in the confidence of prayer during the month in which they are received. Priests may send intentions as often as they wish and are free to renew them consecutively.

++++KAREN:  Is it possible for priests to enter requests that I can see but that are not visible on the web? If not, we may have to re-think this section.

The Prayer Request Form could be something like this:


Priests Private Prayer Request~

Daughters of Mary, Mother of Priests,

I commend the following intention(s) to your prayers:

(enter prayer request here) _____

Date of request:___

Actual date for which prayers are requested:____

Your name:___

Your diocese:___ / Country:___