ZHBM Prayers for Priests Spiritual Bouquet for Priests

A Spiritual Bouquet is a collection of prayers and spiritual offering made on behalf of a specific person. Spiritual Bouquets make wonderful gifts of appreciation for  Pastors, for retired priests, or even as an ordination anniversary gift. Though you are not able to contact your adopted priest, you are certainly not prevented from making a Spiritual Bouquet in his honor.  In eternity he will thank you!  All are invited to record their selections on the printable Adopt-a-Priest Spiritual Bouquet Card.

The following are suggestions for use in a Spiritual Bouquet for a priest:

  • ROSE:  Mass(es) offered for your priest and his intentions
  • ORCHID: Eucharistic or Spiritual Communion(s)
  • LILY:  Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • MAGNOLIA:  Pray a Rosary
  • DAHLIA: Say a 9-day Novena
  • TULIP:  Pray a Litany
  • BLEEDING HEART: Offer a Chaplet
  • LILY OF THE VALLEY: Offer General Prayers


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