ZHBM to About – Charism

Born from the gift of Mercy

Christ took on human form to become one with us and to draw us into union and communion with Him. He came “to make all things new!” Jesus continues His mission of Mercy in the human form of Catholic priests who generously unite their lives to His and who continue His work of Mercy among all people.

In the year 2007, I became the recipient of God’s redeeming Mercy, healing me of the wound of schism that had separated me from Christ and from His Church. This grace of reconciliation was extended to me through the Pastoral charity of priests who, like the Good Shepherd, brought me back into full communion with the Church.

Calling forth a response of Gratitude

In response to the healing gift of Mercy that changed my life, and in gratitude for the grace of reconciliation with the Church, I offer my life of consecration at the service of communion. I feel called to help others experience the joy of  full communion with the Church through grateful support of priests, especially pastors–the ministers of Christ’s Mercy.


The charism of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Priests was born from the gift of God’s Mercy. In charity have we received and in charity we call others to join us in giving thanks for God’s redeeming Love and for His agents of Mercy, our priests:

“We are consecrated to help Jesus the Eternal Priest, Prophet, and King by helping His priests, especially pastors, fulfill their priestly, prophetic, and royal offices, and by helping others support their priests through prayer and sacrifice.”