Sponsors are most welcome and are indeed encouraged to pray for other priests in addition to their adopted priest. We should remember also to pray regularly for our Pastors! *Please see the “My Private Pledge of Prayer for Priests” form where the names of priests for whom you wish to offer private prayer may be entered.

Sponsors support priests in their sacrifice by offering the free and sacrificial gift of spiritual adoption for a priest completely unknown to them. Just as the priest is consecrated to serve all to whom He is sent–seeing in each the face of Christ, so too, the sponsor is encouraged to see Christ as the face of the Priesthood. It is His face that we as sponsors support in each and every member-priest for whom we offer spiritual support. Sponsors should be assured that the prayers and sacrifices they offer for their adopted priest will benefit him directly and will in turn draw blessing upon the sponsor.

Adopt-a-Priest offers for Spiritual Adoption only the names of those priests who are currently enrolled member-priests.  Therefore, the names of priests not enrolled cannot be assigned to sponsors through this program.