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“The Christian faithful, for their part, should realize their obligations to their priests, and with filial love they should follow them as their pastors and fathers. In like manner, sharing their cares, they should help their priests by prayer and work insofar as possible so that their priests might more readily overcome difficulties and be able to fulfill their duties more fruitfully”  (Presbyterorium Ordinis, 58).

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The Daughters of Mary Mother of Priests invite you to join Adopt-a-Priest, our special apostolate for the spiritual support of Catholic priests. By simply pledging one year of daily prayer for a priest, you can become a sponsor and “adopt” a priest! When you register for spiritual adoption you help to support the mission of Christ by supporting in prayer priests who share in His life and mission.
Your pledge of sponsorship is a spiritual pledge whereby you freely offer one year of daily prayer for the priest that I will assign to you. You should think of him as your spiritual son and pray for him with the same dedicated love and devotion you would for a natural son. Uniting your prayer with sacrifice will even more greatly assist your adopted priest in his quest for holiness and spiritual perfection.
Upon completion of your registration I will send you, via email, the following Adopt-a-Priest spiritual adoption enrollment materials:

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  • Certificate of Spiritual Adoption
  • Suggested Daily Prayer
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Adopt-a-Priest’s “Suggested Daily Prayer” is sent to all sponsors to help with your prayer commitment. It is more than just a prayer, it is an offering of all your good works for priests. You are free to use this prayer or to offer any prayer(s) of your choosing. The main thing that I encourage through this program is consistent daily prayer to support your adopted priest in his daily life and priestly ministry.

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Anyone willing to pledge daily prayer for a priest may register with the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Priests to become a sponsor. Membership is on a yearly basis for all sponsors and is renewable annually. Many sponsors choose to renew their pledge of spiritual adoption year after year (see “renewal” button on the registration form). Please join the growing number of those who participate in this special ministry that so honors Christ the Eternal High Priest!


The face of the priesthood that we support is the face of Christ Himself. By supporting the individual priest, you help to support the great mission of Christ to which all priests are consecrated and sent. In the Adopt-a-Priest program there is no direct contact between the priest and his sponsor. This helps to deepen the sacrificial nature of your prayer and will at the same time do much to support your priest in his own priestly sacrifice. You will therefore receive only basic details of your adopted priest, excluding his full name and contact information.

For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.